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“I was returning from a solo backpacking trip in Australia when I read an It’s Just Lunch story on the plane. My work and travel schedule was very demanding so I decided to join as their matchmakers were used to working with busy professionals. I wanted to meet intellectual, professional women who were different than those I was meeting at the usual scenes.”

“The IJL dating process helped me narrow down what I was really looking for in a woman - and not looking for! The date scheduling was flexible which worked with my busy lifestyle.”

Rebecca and Amin Tran


“It’s Just Lunch is a very high caliber way of dating. It takes the guesswork out of dating. It’s Just Lunch was able to find the match that I was looking for. It took a few tries to get it right but that’s what’s dating’s about. Sometimes you have to try things on to find out what you really value and what you really want. It’s Just Lunch provided a great candidate base that was professional and the same caliber of what I was looking for in my match.”

Patrick and Jacquie Szutar


“I tried some online dating. The switch for me to It’s Just Lunch was I really needed someone who understood what I did – I do research, when you’re writing grants it’s pretty time consuming, that’s part of how I am and it’s not going to change, and research is something I love. For me, I was looking for someone who was serious and also understood science and academia – I wanted someone in that kind of realm and that was hard to find online. I figured IJL would have a higher bar.”

Christof and Teresa


“I was travelling, on planes, at hotels, and dating was a challenge. Being a member of It’s Just Lunch is like having trusted friends set you up, but even better, because they’re professionals. They know what they’re doing, and they do everything for you. Date, time, where to go. They even worked with restaurants in advance so there wouldn’t be any awkward moments. To have someone doing the work on the back end was such a blessing. It’s the best money I ever invested.”

Beau and Jesalyn Garrett


“I was traveling in and out of Seattle a lot for work. At some point I decided it would be a lot easier if I had dates managed for me. Then once I joined It’s Just Lunch – it worked out great…I met Tracey!”

Kevin and Tracey Hughes

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